I’ve Been Charged With a Crime – Am I Going to Prison?

If it’s your first time facing criminal charges, you’re likely afraid of facing jail time. These feelings are completely understandable - the chance of spending time incarcerated is scary for almost anyone. It’s important to remember that criminal charges on their own aren’t a guarantee of jail time, and there’s still a lot of work to be done with the help of your legal counsel. Remaining calm and collected so that Read More

Examining the Legal Implications of Will Smith’s Infamous Slap

Will Smith’s slap during the 2022 Oscars may very well have been a slap heard across the world. In mere minutes, the event took over social media - overshadowing any award, speech, or heartfelt moment of the night. This situation and the resulting discussions on social media can give us an interesting insight into how the law operates around assault, and what really matters when it comes to getting charged for a Read More

Google Doesn’t Know Anything About YOUR Case!

Google is a great resource for information - we all likely use it on a daily basis, whether it’s to find out who “that guy from that movie” is, or a piece of critical information we need for our work. This ease of access to a limitless amount of information enables anyone to become an expert on almost anything, at the press of a few buttons. What’s critical to remember, however, is that Google doesn’t know anything Read More

What is Attorney-Client Privilege?

When working on a case with your attorney, keeping attorney-client privilege in mind can be critical to keeping your case safe. It provides legal protection that is necessary to how our legal system operates, enables your attorney to work on your case in confidence, and most importantly, ensures that you can have an open and honest conversation with them about the details of your situation. Attorney-client privilege Read More

Why do Attorneys Talk About Experience so Much?

If you’ve been shopping around for an attorney, you have almost certainly seen on many websites some talk of how much experience they have. If an attorney comes out of law school, they should have all the knowledge necessary to practice law, shouldn’t they? We wouldn’t blame you for placing less importance on this talk of experience - it seems everyone wants to talk about how much experience they have, but not what Read More

What to Do if Your Child gets Caught Cheating at School

Your child’s education is one of the most important things that you can give them. With the help of teachers and schools, you will be preparing them for everything that life has to offer. While everyone hopes that their children will work hard and get through their education without any problems, that is rarely the case. A shocking number of children cheat at school, and many of them get caught. Do not make the Read More

Character Witnesses: Should You Use Them in Your Washington Criminal Trial?

After you get arrested for a crime in Washington state, the only thing you’re focused on is beating your charges. During the criminal justice process, you and your attorney must do everything possible to prevent the state from proving, beyond a reasonable doubt, that you committed the crime(s) of which you are accused.  One way you might be able to help your case—most often at bail hearings, sentencing, or through Read More

Read EVERY Word of Your Court Order and Follow It

The civil and criminal court systems in Washington state can be overwhelming for anyone. If you have been handed a court order for the first time in your life, we understand what you’re going through. Whether you’ve been given a no-contact order, restraining order, or protection order, the first thing you need to do is read the order. Read it carefully. Read it thoroughly. Read it several times. And, to make Read More

What Your Criminal Defense Attorney Needs From You

So, you currently find yourself in trouble with the authorities. Our Seattle firm helps people like you every day. We also find that most people in the same or similar situation react one of two ways:  They become paralyzed by fear and unable to process or move forward with the criminal charge; orThey spring into action mode by proclaiming their innocence to any police officer who will listen and start Read More

Getting Served With a Restraining or Protection Order Is No Time to Panic

Getting served with a protection order would raise anyone’s blood pressure. If this has happened to you, you probably have tons of questions. To answer one of the most frequently asked questions our firm gets, a protection order is NOT a criminal charge or indictment. Simply being the subject of a protection order (sometimes referred to as a no-contact order or restraining order) will NOT result in your going to jail Read More