Steps Washington Parents Must Take to End Domestic Violence Protection Orders

A domestic violence protection order in Washington state is a gravely serious matter with severe consequences, especially for parents. People make mistakes in life, and facing the repercussions in cases of domestic violence often includes losing invaluable time with your children. In our state, the ramifications of a domestic violence protection order frequently involve forfeiting most, sometimes all, time with your Read More

When Does a Protection Order Actually End?

In Washington state, protection orders are a legal mechanism used to protect the people – not to punish those who have orders filed against them. These orders are a critical element in preserving the safety of those who legitimately need protection, which is why the team here at Burke Brown Attorneys feels strongly about ensuring these orders are used effectively and not abused. It is essential for both the Read More

Is It Ever Wise to Acknowledge Guilt in a Washington Criminal Case?

Are you guilty or innocent? As you may know, the answer to that question doesn’t always directly correlate to the outcome of a legal case. How you handle your answer to that question, however, is paramount to the outcome of your Washington criminal case. Under the law, you are innocent until proven guilty. Defendants sometimes are too loose with talking, when the law does not require them to talk or admit guilty.  Read More

Domestic Violence Protection Orders and Shifting Child Custody

Protection orders can dramatically change family life in the blink of an eye.  A temporary protection order can be served out of the blue and a parent can be totally removed from the family home and denied any access to their kids.  The temporary care, custody and control of the children goes to the parent who got the protection order. In King County, if you file for a protection order on Wednesday, you may have a Read More

What Exactly Are Mitigating Circumstances in a Washington Criminal Case?

Context matters. Our actions have consequences, but this doesn’t mean every action comes with the same exact consequences. We must consider the context of why an action took place and the person behind it’s ability to prevent the action. In a Washington criminal trial, these are referred to as mitigating circumstances (as defined by RCW 9.94A.535). The court has specific guidelines that actually allow for these Read More

Is Your Attorney Really Doing Nothing?

When you hire an attorney, you want results. It’s why you hire them in the first place. But, what happens when you’re paying all this money to an attorney and don’t hear anything for days or even over a week? You might think “Is my attorney even doing anything?” The answer is likely yes, your attorney is absolutely taking steps to handle your case and move toward a just resolution on your behalf. What’s important to Read More

Understanding the Fine Line Between Misdemeanor and Felony Harassment

Words carry weight in the eyes of the law. People often contact a criminal defense attorney dumbfounded that the things they say can actually have criminal consequences. Harassment is one particular charge that is often thrown at alleged offenders who make threats, but there are varying levels to these charges. It’s important to avoid charges of any form, but short of that, you need to understand the distinct Read More

Your Mental Health Matters in King County Criminal Court Cases

Mental health matters. People from all walks of life deal with hurdles in life due to mental health challenges each and every day. Unfortunately, stigmas surrounding mental illness remain and people often associate mental illness with violent, irresponsible, and criminal behavior. In reality, mental health challenges are not always a precursor to criminal acts. A large percentage of people dealing with these issues Read More

Modernizing Court Resources Empowers Clients and Their Attorneys

We live in a digital world. Government systems often lag behind technological advancements but a recent change for Washington state courtrooms catches the system up to modern technology. Historically, all court proceedings in our state had to take place in person outside of select circumstances where that wasn’t possible. Now, both clients and their attorneys have the option to appear virtually in the courtroom. This Read More

What Parents Need to Know When Their Child Is Accused of a Crime

As a parent, you have given your children as much love and opportunity as possible, but as their minds develop, they are still likely to make mistakes. The thought of your child getting in trouble with the law or being accused of a crime can be terrifying and overwhelming. It can seem like everything you’ve worked towards is falling apart, but it’s important to know that you and your family don’t have to go through Read More