Google Doesn’t Know Anything About YOUR Case!

Google is a great resource for information – we all likely use it on a daily basis, whether it’s to find out who “that guy from that movie” is, or a piece of critical information we need for our work. This ease of access to a limitless amount of information enables anyone to become an expert on almost anything, at the press of a few buttons. What’s critical to remember, however, is that Google doesn’t know anything about your case; only your attorney does.

To be clear, we’re not just talking about Google. Many people seek the advice of online websites, their friends, or maybe even an attorney they know personally when they’re involved in legal matters. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, but the problem is they don’t know your case. While your friends and family may be excellent at making you feel more comfortable when you’re facing legal trouble, they’re frankly not the best source of legal advice. 

The reason why Google, your friends, family, or even another attorney likely won’t help you in your case is that legal cases are very circumstantial. Law is very detailed, and what does or does not apply to your case takes serious research and knowledge of the circumstances. Some cases could change massively based on one small detail, or even a single sentence in a protection order. Other attorneys without the full knowledge of every circumstance of your case, or the area of law it pertains to, may be able to make guesses. But these guesses aren’t going to help your case, nor will they be very useful to you in court. They may even be detrimental in several ways: an unwitting attorney may give you advice that doesn’t hold up in reality, getting your hopes up for an outcome that simply isn’t possible. You may also breach your attorney-client privilege in talking to another attorney or your friends, releasing information that was critical to your defense, and making the situation worse. 

The only source that can give you information on your case is the person dedicated to handling it – your attorney. They’re dedicated to sorting out every detail of your case, checking how it applies to the fact of the law, and figuring out the best strategy to get the justice you deserve. If your attorney isn’t doing this, you should find another attorney – or, start off on the right foot by calling Burke Brown Attorneys, PLLC. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.


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