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Our results-focused approach to our clients’ needs has yielded satisfactory outcomes time and time again. We are proud to have resolved serious legal issues for individuals in and around King County—view their feedback below. You can also read about our case results here.

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As I checked “No” for having been adjudicated guilty for a crime on my college applications this evening, I realized I never got to thank you for everything you have done for me. I know that this is your job and you do this for people every day, but I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your work. I hope you’re keeping it up and continuing to get kids out of trouble.

LH (Juvenile Case)Juvenile Criminal Defense Client

When our Special Needs son was expelled, then placed into an undefined status, and the information from the school system kept changing with each of our inquiries, we were at our wits end until we found Dana. She helped us manage each aspect of the incident and the ensuing responses from the school district and tirelessly worked with us to track down information and put together a logical and rational approach to work with the school system while she followed up with outside agencies and entities. The end results were wonderful: our son was placed into a better school, records cleared, and an acceptable I.E.P. was implemented. We are so thankful for the work that Dana did to help us through this confusing and stressful process. She kept us informed every step of the way and worked closely with us to coordinate meetings, strategies, and helped us to focus on achieving acceptable end results. We would highly recommend Dana to anyone in the midst of dealing with school districts, zero-tolerance policies, and special needs circumstances.

AnonymousStudent Defense

I have read everything that has been submitted and you did such a great job organizing all of the info. In fact, I have read it like ten times. It is all put together so well and is completely accurate. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I can’t express how much it means to me. I thank the powers that be that allowed our paths to cross! You have been amazing and a true ally when I really needed one.

MT (SAPO)Protection Order Client

When a neighbor accused my child of vandalism I went to Dana Brown. She helped explain what we could expect if there was a charge and implications if charges were filed. She treated my child with the utmost respect while educating us about the judicial system. I have had peace of mind since Dana started working with us. I sense that Dana understands the juvenile court system very well. She gave us sound and sensible advice and was able to establish a rapport with my child. Dana has called us just to check in even though our case is not active. I believe we are in the best of hands with her as our lawyer and I would highly recommend Dana to anyone needing an attorney.

AnonymousJuvenile Criminal Defense

I had referred a case involving a CPS investigation to Ms. Brown, which concluded with CPS having no findings/unfounded. Ms. Brown explained the entire process, was very professional, and detail-oriented. She was careful and diligent in protecting my rights as a parent. Dealing with Ms. Brown helped me stay calm in what otherwise could have been a potentially scary scenario. I’d gladly recommend Dana without hesitation to parents if they’re under investigation by the CPS.

AnonymousCPS Client

It’s been just about two years since our trial ended and I always think about it a lot this time of year, so I thought I would just send you a quick hello. You’re still a hero at our house.(:

ML (Dep)Child Abuse Defense