Is a “Bulldog Attorney” Really What You Need?

When it comes to the attitude and in-court strategy of your attorney, the “bull dog” style is not always the best approach. Many clients want an attorney who will combat every small point in fight mode or an attorney who has a court style that is dominating and combative.  However, sometimes this approach can actually do more harm than good.  

Not every detail is relevant and warrants a fight.  Combativeness by your attorney may close the door to negotiations that can create a good result.  Judges may react negatively to an overly aggressive attorney who the judge may perceive as disrespecting the judge or courtroom decorum. In the end, this can cause the court to view you more negatively rather than favorably and sometimes may even result in outright rejection of your arguments altogether.

On the other hand, an attorney who formulates a great argument and lets the strength of the argument speak for itself may well be better able to protect you and achieve the right outcome for your case. This often requires a bit more patience and a solid emotional IQ on the part of your attorney, but it almost always results in a more favorable outcome in the long run.  It is better to have a grounded attorney than one who is caught up emotionally in the fight.

By working with an attorney who is willing to listen to your concerns and explain your options in a clear and straightforward manner, you can rest assured that your interests are being protected at every stage of the proceedings. This in turn allows you and your attorney to pursue your goals with confidence.

Although it’s true that aggressive attorneys can sometimes produce positive results for their clients, the real measure of success lies in the ability of a lawyer to help their clients achieve their goals while avoiding costly and time-consuming legal battles. While the bulldog presentation may feel good to a client, it may not actually be effective in the courtroom or on the pocket book.  

Often, the best way to achieve great results is for your attorney to read the situation well and advocate at the right time, about the right things, with the right presentation – sometimes, just being “a bulldog” won’t do.

At the end of the day, the most effective attorneys are experienced ones – those who know their practice area well, and how to operate within it. When you’re in need of an experienced defense attorney, contact Burke Brown Attorneys today to schedule your consultation.

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