Washington Protection Orders Are For Protection, Not Punishment

Our law firm is regularly discussing the importance and impact of Washington protection orders. These are often used legal tools that are essential for protecting victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, harassment, and other nefarious actions. What’s important to distinguish, however, is that these Washington protection orders are meant as a protection for victims, not a punishment for alleged perpetrators.

Recipients of protection orders might feel penalized, but these orders primarily serve to ensure the safety of victims, stemming from the alleged actions of the accused. Receiving a protection order isn’t actually a definitive statement of wrongdoing but an attempt to mitigate any possible actions that may or may not have occurred or continue to occur.

Weaponizing Protection Orders

One critical issue is the misuse of protection orders. In some instances, individuals claim to be victims without actually having suffered any of the offenses needed to justify an order. They are using the Washington protection order process as a means to punish someone, but the legal system isn’t designed to handle trivial relationship or familial conflicts and grudges.

Weaponizing a protection order is a misuse of the legal system and legal resources. At Burke Brown Attorneys, we prepare effective legal defenses for protection orders to make sure the people of Washington aren’t unduly governed by protection orders that limit their freedom of movement and freedom to live freely and impact their reputation. The innocent don’t deserve to be prevented from seeing their loved ones or living their lives for a long period of time.

Criminal Charges and Convictions Are The Punishment

If you face accusations that lead to a protection order, it typically implies an alleged crime took place. However, obtaining a protection order has a significantly lower standard of evidence compared to that needed for a criminal conviction. Circumstantial evidence might suffice for various types of protection orders but is insufficient in a Washington criminal trial.

It’s important to understand that receiving a protection order does not equate to a criminal conviction. You maintain your right to defend yourself in court. Our team at Burke Brown Attorneys has extensive experience in challenging unfair protection orders and defending our clients in criminal proceedings.

Don’t Let False Accusations EscalateFalse accusations can have devastating consequences. The team at Burke Brown Attorneys refuses to watch the good people of Washington suffer from unfounded allegations. We have the experience and success to know how and when to properly defend you and your loved ones from false accusations, lessening your odds of facing a Washington protection order or criminal conviction. If you’re facing false accusations in the state of Washington, contact Burke Brown Attorneys to defend your freedom.

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