Modernizing Court Resources Empowers Clients and Their Attorneys

We live in a digital world. Government systems often lag behind technological advancements but a recent change for Washington state courtrooms catches the system up to modern technology.

Historically, all court proceedings in our state had to take place in person outside of select circumstances where that wasn’t possible. Now, both clients and their attorneys have the option to appear virtually in the courtroom. This adaptation first came out of necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic but has survived the transition back to more normal times.

If you are facing criminal charges in Washington, how does this option benefit you? Are there any drawbacks?

Increasing Choices Means Finding the Right Attorney

One of the biggest benefits clients derive from this change is creating greater access to a broader range of attorneys. If you are in Kitsap County you would typically look for an attorney in your area, but you can now expand your search beyond typical geographic limitations.

If your attorney does not have to be present at the courthouse then you now have access to attorneys across the state. We work out of Seattle and Kings County, but our dedication to protecting the rights of the people of Washington positions us to take on cases throughout the region.

Other less populated areas may not have as many choices, but empowering clients by expanding their options allows clients to choose the attorney that’s right for them and not just the attorney that’s convenient. Even less densely populated parts of Kings County benefit from expanding access to Seattle-based law firms.

Families Benefit From Remote Court Appearances

Imagine a scenario where your family is based here in Kings County but your child is attending Western Washington University up in Bellingham. This physical distance creates barriers for you to have to travel back and forth as a family to meet with attorneys and make appearances in court.

Your family can now save money on the travel and trouble by relying on attorneys closer to home in Kings County who know the law just as well as anyone in the region. Technology brings families closer together, even when the circumstances are less than ideal.

Pay for Representation, Not Travel Expenses

At Burke Brown Attorneys, we have no choice but to charge clients for travel expenses. The time we spend getting to and from court proceedings is time spent away from all of our firm’s clients and the resources we need to strengthen cases.

We unequivocally prefer charging clients for work that advances their interests as opposed to charging them for mileage getting to and from distant courthouses. Your money gets further when spent on the research, case study, and communication we do when we are in our offices as opposed to spending an entire day traveling for court.

What Are the Drawbacks of Virtual Court Proceedings?

There are some minor hurdles added through virtual court proceedings. One of the biggest issues is one we solve ourselves – if one attorney appears in court and the other does not then it creates a perceived advantage for the attorney in court. Our policy is that if the other side is in the courtroom then we will be, too.

Outside of that, there are circumstances where a judge may change their mind in the middle of a case and ask that all parties be present in court. We do our due diligence ahead of every case and make sure we know how the judge generally handles these circumstances. If there is reason to believe the judge may force your case in-person then we will discuss what the finances of that decision look like before proceeding.

Courtrooms Can Be Intimidating, Our Team Can Help

At the end of the day, the anxiety of being in a courtroom can create unique challenges for some clients. We understand taking on your case from the comfort of your home might alleviate some of that pressure.

Our team knows how to handle cases both in and out of the courtroom and will always give the same level of expertise and representation regardless of where we are. Contact our team for legal representation in or out of court.

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