Child Abuse

Complex Dependencies

Abused infant – Dismissed

First time parents took their infant son to the Mary Bridge emergency room for fever and not feeding.  Within hours they were accused of abusing the infant for inflicted bruises and a red swelling under the tongues. The bruises were birth marks and the red swelling had a medical explanation. After the infant was removed from their care, he experienced small “fractures”  (also debated). Case was dismissed after abuse was not proven.

Infant with Multiple Fractures – Dismissed

Infant had red swelling to her right leg. She was taken to Seattle Children’s Hospital after hours. She was found to have 17 fractures yet she was smiling.  After arguing that the child had compromised bone strength due to Vitamin D deficiency the judge dismissed the case.

Infant with Multiple Fractures – Dismissed

Infant with swelling to her leg was taken to Seattle Children’s Hospital after hours.  The baby was taken from the parents after the child abuse doctors decided the parents had no explanation for the injury and the fracture was from “inflicted trauma.”  A dependency action was filed.  After trial, the baby was returned to her parents.

Munchausens – Dismissed

Medically complex child with an involved mother was accused by the child abuse doctors at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Infant with Fracture- Dismissed

New father accidentally drops baby.   Baby is taken to Mary Bridge Hospital emergency room and cleared although parents are asked to return for a “skeletal survey.”  Upon return a fracture to the ankle is found.  Baby is taken by CPS and a dependency is filed.  A second medical opinion results in case dismissal.

CPS investigations

We have handled dozens of CPS investigations and achieved unfounded findings for our clients.

Criminal Child Abuse.

Father Allegedly Assaults Teenage Son – prosecutor dismissed after investigation revealed son had exaggerated and father had used appropriate physical discipline.

Infant Abuse, multiple cases – prosecutor declined to file charges after we successfully handled the dependency proceeding. 

Child sexual abuse – prosecutor declined to file charges after alleged victim’s credibility was attacked.

Child sexual abuse – Police officer client accused of sexually abusing his daughter. Prosecutor declined to file charges.