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Our Mission to You

Our Mission to You

Burke Brown Attorneys, PLLC represents a wide range of Washington state residents who are accused of wrongdoing. We provide legal counsel in situations involving criminal charges, restraining (protection orders), juvenile charges, education discipline, and CPS investigations.

Protecting Your Interests

Criminal convictions, findings of abuse, protection orders, harassment, and setbacks in education can threaten everything important to you. Your reputation. Your goals. Your career. Your family. There are solutions, though, and we can develop them by working with you.

Peace of Mind

The last thing we want for our clients is to be paralyzed by fears of unknown terrible fates. Some up-front, experienced perspective will alleviate a lot of your emotional pain.

Hope For Your Future

Upsetting and sudden changes may be happening right now. Arrests, no-contact orders, temporary orders, and emergency actions happen up-front and can make life extremely difficult. There are ways to manage and minimize those initial impacts as we work toward the ultimate positive outcome.

Protection and Security

Your legal problem may be that you are a victim of assault, false allegations, or stalking. You or your loved one may need protection from a bad actor and don’t know where to begin. Our priority is always to protect our clients; we draw from the solutions and strategies we’ve gathered over a combined 40 years’ experience.

Complimentary Guide

Complimentary Guide

Effective Response Techniques for Accusations of Wrongdoing

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