Case Results

Child Abuse – No Criminal Charges Filed and CPS Finding Reversed.

Mother accused of assaulting her son and causing a significant cut to his head. “Founded” finding for physical abuse appealed to DSHS Area Administrator and then again appealed to OAH. Founded reversed to unfounded after appeal to OAH due to successful negotiations with Asst. Attorney General.   Negotiated for no criminal charges to be filed.

Child Abuse –  CPS Abuse Finding Reversed

Father accused of physical abuse on young son which resulted to injury to child’s head/face.  Client already informed of “founded” finding before firm was engaged. Assisted client with the appeal process through all levels of appeal including OAH proceeding. Argued case before the administrative law judge, citing both legal and factual arguments in support of client’s position. Judge ruled for client and ordered DSHS to reverse the founded finding to unfounded.

Felony Harassment – Domestic Violence – Dismissed.

Adult son was charged with threatening to kill his mother and malicious mischief for causing damage in the home.  The prosecutor dismissed the case, after defense development of affirmative defenses and mitigating circumstances.

Juvenile Sex Offense Referral – Not filed.

Teenager alleged to have forcefully raped a classmate.  The prosecutor declined to file charge after defense evidence of consent presented.

Juvenile Sex Offense Felony charge – Reduced to misdemeanor non-sex offense.

An alleged forceful rape resulted in a misdemeanor assault and a deferred disposition.  The prosecutor substantially reduced the charge after lengthy negotiations.  The case will be dismissed and sealed in one year. No detention time served.

Domestic Violence Assault – Dismissed.

Prosecutor agreed to dismiss assault case. Evidence presented of alleged victim’s violent history and intoxication.