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  • Child abuse
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OUR CLIENTS: Our clients are good people, not criminals and not people who need to be excluded, removed or restrained. Our clients need help passing through a system not designed for them and who deserve to have accusation of wrongful conduct put behind them. Our clients may be the victims of false or exaggerated complaints or may have other extenuating circumstances. In any circumstance, our clients deserve to have their dignity and lives remain intact.

OUR APPROACH: When new clients retain us, we give our clients immediate relief from trying to manage the legal problem on their own. We start with the basics. We answer our clients’ questions; the questions nobody else has answered. We step forward and take over all key communications with all the key players. We take immediate action to insulate our clients from harm, preserve essential timelines, assert critical rights, and take actions that will positively shape the course and strength of the legal case for both the short and the long term.
Child Abuse – No Criminal Charges Filed and CPS Finding Reversed.
Mother accused of assaulting her son and causing a significant cut to his head. “Founded” finding for physical abuse appealed to DSHS Area Administrator and then again appealed to OAH. Founded reversed to unfounded after appeal to OAH due to successful negotiations with Asst. Attorney General. Negotiated for no criminal charges to be filed.